UnitItemDefinitionDefinition SourceEquation
11.3CapacitanceRatio of potential difference to charge stored.IB Exam 13N.1.HL.TZ0.39 \(C=\frac{Q}{V}\)
11.3Capacitancecharge stored by the device for a potential difference of 1V across the device.IB Exam 12N.1.HL.TZ0.39
11.1Magnetic fluxmagnetic flux density/magnetic field strength normal to a surface × area of surface.IB Exam 14M.2.HL.TZ2.5
7.1Radioactive half-lifeTime taken for N/2 atoms to undergo decay.IB Exam 15M.1.SL.TZ2.24
5.1Electric field strengththe force exerted per unit charge;
on a positive small/test charge;
IB Exam 13N.2.SL.TZ0.4 (Markscheme)
7.1Isotopesame proton number/element/number of protons and different number of neutrons/nucleon number/neutron number;IB Exam 13N.2.SL.TZ0.4 (Markscheme)
7.1Half-lifetime for the activity (of a radioactive sample) to fall by half its original value / time for half the radioactive/unstable nuclei/atoms (in a sample) to
IB Exam 13N.2.SL.TZ0.4 (Markscheme)